Replacing your Gas Boiler

Replacing your old gas boiler with a modern new one from 0800 Repair and our boiler installations will increase the efficiency of your home’s heating.

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Cut your energy bills

A new, more efficient Gas Boiler will be much better at converting energy into heat and will save you money on gas bills.

A warm and cosy home

An efficient boiler keeps your home warm, maintaining a comfortable temperature in every room and providing hot water when you
need it.

Low maintenance

When your new Gas Boiler is installed and working as it should, you will barely notice it is there.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing your energy use will also reduce the carbon footprint of your home and help towards achieving net-zero emissions in the UK.

What Can We Do?

Boiler Repairs

Gas Safe registered engineers can fix all boiler problems

Boiler Installations

Need a brand new boiler? We can set it up exactly how you need it

Central Heating Repairs

We know how to sort dodgy heating systems – we’ve fixed hundreds over the years

Central Heating Installations

Trust us to install a brand new system that leaves you warm and comfortable

Gas Boiler Replacement Services

A gas boiler is the heart of your central heating system. It’s something that turns a house into a warm, cosy home, so when your boiler breaks down or if it becomes too old and inefficient, it can prove to be a big problem for homeowners. It’s at this time when you should consider replacing a gas boiler for a more modern and efficient model, and our highly-qualified, certified team here at 0800 Repair can do this for you. With relevant industry experience and knowledge spanning over twelve years, you can rest assured that you’ll be in excellent hands when choosing our expert team of Gas Safe engineers.

Replacing your gas boiler

Replacing your old gas boiler with a brand new, modern boiler with 0800 Repair’s gas boiler services in the North East will increase the efficiency of your home’s heating, ensuring your house is always comfortable and inviting, not only for you and your family, but for your guests and visitors as well. It’s imperative that your gas boiler replacement is performed by a competent, fully-trained, certified company, such as our professional, specialist team of gas engineers here at 0800 Repair. We are proud to be Gas Safe registered, so you’ll have absolute peace of mind that your gas boiler replacement will be carried out to the highest, safest standards and with the utmost attention and precision. If you’re looking for gas boiler replacement services that you always trust, then get started today.

Why replace your Gas Boiler?

There are several reasons why you should consider replacing an old gas boiler. Not only is a newer model far more efficient and convenient, especially with the implementation of the Hive app, meaning you can switch your heating on and off no matter where you are, but it’s also much safer. It’s recommended that you replace a gas boiler once every fifteen years to ensure you always have a reliable source of heating and hot water for yourself and your family. The benefits of replacing an old gas boiler include:

It helps to cut down on energy bills – A new, more efficient gas boiler will be much better at converting energy into heat and will, therefore, save you money on gas bills

It ensures a warm & cosy home – A modern gas boiler not only warms your home on cold days, but it can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout, even when it’s been turned off. As well as this, you’ll also be presented with instant hot water as and when needed

It’s easy to maintain – Aside from having your new gas boiler serviced once a year, there’s not a lot that you, the homeowner or occupier, will have to do to maintain it. Once it’s been installed and is working as it should, you’ll barely notice that it’s there

It helps to reduce your carbon footprint – Reducing your energy use will also reduce the carbon footprint of your home and help towards achieving net-zero emissions in the UK. Some modern boilers are also hydrogen-ready, so you’ll be able to transition, seamlessly, from one energy source to another

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When to upgrade your Gas Boiler

Replacing a gas boiler is a very simple, relatively mess-free process that every homeowner will have to go through at some stage. This is usually because gas boilers need to be replaced every fifteen years or so. Not only is this to ensure the efficiency of your central heating system, but it’s also to make sure your home is safe.

Once your boiler hits fifteen years old or as soon as it starts experiencing leaks, cuts out or you experience increased noise, then it’s time to replace your gas boiler.It can be difficult to know who to call out to have your gas boiler replaced, but 0800 Repair is always on hand to help. Regardless of how old your boiler is and no matter the problems you’re having with it, we’ll always be available to replace your old gas boiler for a brand new, more efficient model.

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Why choose 0800 Repair?

0800 Repair leads the way for energy products that reduce your carbon emissions and save you money. Our experts design, install and maintain gas boilers and all types of renewable technology for both commercial and domestic customers.

We are unique in the fact that we have the expertise to both fit and look after all your energy equipment, 24/7, once we have installed it. With a team of fully-qualified, in-house engineers working across the UK, you can rely on us to deliver excellent customer service and be there for you whenever you need support.

In the twelve years since we started our venture, we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading home services providers. Every year, we complete around 40,000 heating and renewable energy repairs, handle 100,000 customer calls, and complete 15,000 heating and insulation installations. As part of PHS, a leader in renewable energy supply, we’re the ideal partner for installing and servicing gas boilers in your home.

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Why install a new Gas Boiler?

Reassuringly reliable
for everyone

Having a reliable Gas Boiler is particularly reassuring in winter when a breakdown would cause
the most disruption to you
and your family.

We’re always there for you

0800 Repair is unique in having the expertise to both fit and look after all your energy equipment, 24/7, once installed.

Increase the value
of your home

A new Gas Boiler is a good investment for your home;
its energy savings and reliability
are attractive features for house buyers.

Convenient, low-key design

Gas Boiler technology has advanced in recent years making the boilers themselves smaller, which could help to free up space in your home.

Frequently asked questions

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