Introducing District Heating

District Heating from 0800 Repair is one of the most
cost-effective ways of reducing carbon emissions caused
by heating homes.

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Complete comfort
and convenience

District Heating is a smart method of providing comfort and convenience for householders looking for an alternative to energy suppliers.

A fast-growing solution

There are currently around 17,000 heat networks operating in the UK, with demand for new ones increasing by the day.

Savings for you
and your community

District Heating can provide improved energy efficiency for you and your community with added bonus of reduced costs.

Choice of energy sources

There are a number of fuel types
to choose from, so you can use
the one best suited to your needs.

What is District Heating?

District Heating is the use of locally generated energy to heat communities and businesses. With the heat being produced close to where it is used, transmission costs are lower and less energy is lost along the way. The more District Heating networks grow and connect with each other,
the more their efficiency and carbon-saving potential increases.

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How does District Heating work?

District Heating works by capturing energy that is released as heat from an energy centre and channelling it to consumers using a network of insulated pipes. The energy centre could use Air Source, Ground Source, Biomass,
Solar thermal PV or Gas Boilers. It could be a dedicated facility or heat could be recovered from local industry.

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Why choose 0800 Repair?

0800 Repair leads the way for energy products that reduce your carbon emissions and save you money. Our experts design, install and maintain District Heating systems and all types of renewable technology for commercial and domestic customers.

We are unique in having the expertise to both fit and look after all your energy equipment 24/7 once installed.

With a team of qualified in-house engineers working across the UK, you can rely on us to deliver excellent customer service and be there for you whenever you need support.

Our reputation is built on experience, expertise and knowledge of renewable technology. We’ve been doing this for years and we’ve completed many District Heating installations.

As part of PHS, a leader in renewable energy supply, we’re the ideal partner for installing and servicing District Heating in your home.

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Why District Heating?

Be independent from the grid

Not having to rely on the grid means you are also protected
from price increases from energy suppliers.

Low carbon, low maintenance

As well as being a low carbon heating solution, District Heating is also easy to operate and maintain, especially with our support.

Reliable and resilient
heating for everyone

District Heating is super reliable
and its resilience is particularly reassuring at a time when there
is uncertainty in the fuel industry.

We’re always there for you

0800 Repair is unique in having the expertise to both fit and look after all your energy equipment 24/7 once installed.

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