Showcasing the latest net-zero renewable energy technology

PHS, which includes 0800 Repair, has showcased the latest advancements in domestic renewable energy technology.

A leading renewable energy systems specialist, PHS hosted an expert briefing for clients at its headquarters at Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear.

It involved specialists from global manufacturer Viessmann, which earlier this year supported a management buyout of Pacifica Group’s Home Services division, outlining its vision for the next generation of sustainable heating solutions.

This came as PHS, one of the UK’s foremost homes services companies, experienced a hike in business as householders look to reduce heating bills in the wake of the energy crisis.

PHS also includes Oakes Energy Services, which provides dedicated renewable energy solutions, such as air and ground source heating and solar PV for both domestic and commercial property markets.

Jason Oakes, Oakes Energy Services business development director, said: “Due to the energy crisis, we are seeing an uptake generally, especially with electricity generation and battery storage.

“It is our passion to deliver cost-effective, efficient systems to people’s homes and help make a significant contribution to the Government’s ambitions of cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reversing climate change.”

He added: “I thought it was important for our clients to see our relationship with Viessmann and to highlight the global advancements in renewable technology.”

Showcased at the event were the latest generations of air source heat pumps, boiler systems, batteries and solar panel systems.

This included a hybrid battery solution with the capacity to store five kilowatts – enough to power a domestic property for a day. Solar panels are not an imperative for this system to reduce a household’s energy costs. Instead, by tapping into a lower-cost off-peak tariff, the battery can be charged at night with the stored electricity used during the day.

PHS and Viessmann are at the forefront of supporting the UK’s goal of achieving net-zero by 2050. This includes the decarbonisation of the electrical grid by 2035, when there will be no gas or carbon fuels used to generate and produce electricity.

Jason said: “The journey needs to start in earnest now if the UK is to achieve its energy transition and sustainability targets and retro-fitting homes with greener energy systems will play an important part in this.”

In addition to renewable energy systems, PHS installs and maintains home heating systems and provides insulation services to a cross section of customers including utility companies, housebuilders, housing associations and private customers.

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