Coronavirus FAQs

We’ve answered a range of questions about what we do. Read below to find out more

We are also installing new heating systems where the customer is experiencing any issues with their heating or hot water. In addition, we continue to provide landlord gas safety inspections for our clients and attend all appliances where there is a reported gas leak.

This is not a complete list and we assess each repair individually to determine whether it is classed as essential, urgent or routine (e.g. some cosmetic repairs where the main appliance functions continue to operate). If your repair is routine, we will take all the details from you and schedule it once the threat of Coronavirus has passed.


Will you still visit me at home?
Can I still contact you about my repair regardless of the problem or type of appliance?
I have received a letter from my Doctor telling me I am in an at-risk category and should self-isolate for 12 weeks. What should I do?
I am trying to get through to your Contact Centre, but the lines are busy. Can I contact you another way?
I have suspected or confirmed Coronavirus. Will you still repair my home?

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