0800 Repair partners with health and safety specialists to enhance safety standards

0800 Repair, part of PHS, has formed a strategic partnership with health and safety experts, Carney Consultancy Ltd, to strengthen its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety.

This collaboration represents 0800 Repair’s dedication to maximising its knowledge and experience in health and safety, ensuring that all aspects of its renewable energy and gas processes adhere to the highest standards of care and compliance.

Carney Consultancy Ltd, based in North Shields, offers bespoke consultancy services and expertise in health and safety practices, particularly within the construction industry.

As part of the partnership, Carney Consultancy Ltd will provide 0800 Repair with external consultation services to ensure ongoing compliance and proactively review risk and methodology within 0800 repair.

Alongside its 16 years of expertise within the renewable energy sector, North East-based 0800 Repair offers installation and maintenance services for home heating systems, as well as insulation services. The company serves a diverse range of clients, including utility companies, housing associations, local authorities, and private customers, delivering sustainable and reliable solutions.

This partnership with Carney Consultancy Ltd coincides with 0800 Repair’s significant investment in advanced personal protective equipment (PPE) for its engineers. By combining cutting-edge PPE with the expertise of Carney Consultancy Ltd, 0800 Repair aims to ensure the utmost safety for its engineers and demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement. They also hope to inspire other organisations to invest in the well-being of their workforce and create safer working environments.

Scott Birks, SHEQ manager at PHS, said: “Carney Consultancy is the perfect partner for 0800 Repair. We have a fantastic relationship with them and look forward to collaborating as we continue to grow and expand our operations.

“This partnership allows us to ensure best practices in health and safety and provide sustainable and reliable solutions. It serves as an extra level of commitment to our engineers, demonstrating that we are not resting on our laurels.”

Martin Crammond, technical director at Carney Consultancy Ltd, said: “We are pleased to support 0800 Repair in their mission to provide a safe working environment for their engineers and help drive their commitment to excellence, this highlights how high on the agenda Health and Safety is to both companies and to the operatives under their control.

“As part of our role with 0800 Repair, we undertake inspections including fire risk assessments at all their locations, we aid in safe system of work reviews, policy and procedure reviews and also in support for general health and safety related queries.”

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