0800 Repair goes above & beyond to protect its engineers with state-of-the-art RPE

0800 Repair, which is part of PHS Home Solutions, a North East company at the forefront of helping meet energy efficiency targets, has renewed its commitment to Health and Safety through a significant investment in advanced respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for its engineers.

The decision to enhance RPE measures comes as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched its Dust Kills campaign, drawing attention to the long-term effects of dust inhalation on individuals working in the construction industry. 0800 Repair recognises the importance of protecting its engineers from this silent killer.

A central component of the new RPE is the Positive Pressure Mask. This innovative full-head mask continuously supplies fresh air to the user, effectively preventing dust inhalation. By adopting this cutting-edge technology, 0800 Repair is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the well-being of its engineers and its determination to uphold the highest safety standards.

The company serves a diverse range of clients, including utility companies, housebuilders, housing associations, and private customers who rely on 0800 Repair for reliable and energy-efficient solutions.

Scott Birks, SHEQ Manager at 0800 Repair, said: “This investment in advanced RPE sets a benchmark for the industry, demonstrating our proactive approach to protecting our engineers and reinforcing its position as a leader in health and safety.

“This illustrates that we prioritise the well-being of our engineers and emphasise our dedication to upholding the highest safety standards in our operations. Our focus on renewable energy systems and sustainable solutions is built upon a foundation of safety, and we will continue to innovate and lead the industry in this regard.”

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