Scientists highlight 'dirtiest' kitchen appliances

Post by George Dixon on 9th September 2013 in Appliance safety

Scientists highlight 'dirtiest' kitchen appliances

A group of researchers in the US have come up with a list of appliances that typically contain the most germs in the kitchen.

The Michigan-based National Science Foundation studied 14 common kitchen items in order to come up with its list the six worst offenders as part of its 2013 NSF International Household Germ Study.

In particular they looked for evidence of E. coli, Salmonella, yeast and mould, and Listeria, discovering pathogens that cause foodborne illness on many appliances.

Data showed that refrigerator vegetable compartments and meat compartments, blender gaskets, can openers, rubber spatulas and food containers with rubber seals were the six "germiest" items. The presence of Salmonella was found on five out of the six items, while E. coli was present on four of the items. Yeast and mould was found on all six.

The report said: "These germs were found on everyday kitchen appliances and tools that come in direct contact with food, especially raw produce, meat, poultry, seafood and ready-to-eat food.

"Importantly, while volunteers correctly identified items that they thought would harbour the most germs, they are not always cleaning them thoroughly to prevent illness." 

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