iPlayer helping to change UK TV viewing habits

Post by Tom Williams on 20th February 2013 in Technology

iPlayer helping to change UK TV viewing habits

Catch-up television services such as the BBC's iPlayer are changing the way that people across Britain watch television.

Busy lifestyles and the availability of on-demand TV has resulted in a major shift in the viewing habits of Brits. New research has revealed that a record number of people are now using applications such as iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 to watch shows after their original broadcast date.

According to a report by the Daily Express, advertising body Thinkbox said more than 10 per cent of television shows broadcast last year were viewed via catch-up or on-demand services.

While viewers were initially only able to watch programmes via their computers, advances in technology have resulted in on-demand services becoming available via numerous other devices including tablets and smartphones. Special set-top boxes and games consoles also allow access through the television, allowing users to seamlessly access on-demand content as they would live broadcasts.

Psychologist Sandra Wheatley said families in Britain are now less likely to be "dictated to" by the schedule.

She said: "There must be a lot of happy people now who are able to watch what they want when they want."

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