Play warns children about CO dangers

Post by George Dixon on 20th February 2013 in Appliance safety

Play warns children about CO dangers

Schoolchildren in Swansea are to be warned about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning by a touring theatre group. 

BBC News reports that Theatr na n'Og - based in Neath - are set to tour schools in the city with their new production A Breath of Fresh Air. The 30-minute drama centres on the story of a woman and her grandson, who lose a close acquaintance to CO poisoning. 

The production is being funded by Wales & West Utilities and Arts & Business Cymru. It will visit a total of 20 schools, and grandparents are also being encouraged to attend. 

"It's about connecting across the generations," said the theatre's artistic director, Geinor Styles. "Older people tend to be more at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, and there have been cases of people blocking up vents. Children are a great audience for this type of information-sharing production."

Earlier this month, Labour MEP Linda McAvan told European lawmakers that more stringent regulatory standards were required to provide greater protection from CO-related health risks.

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