New fridge gadget set to go down a storm with pizza lovers

Post by George Dixon on 30th March 2012 in

New fridge gadget set to go down a storm with pizza lovers

A device that acts as a fridge magnet, but is also capable of ordering a takeaway pizza, is set to go down a storm with lovers of fast food.

The gadget is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to ordering food as there is no need for the user to go online or make a phone call. One push of the button is all that is needed for a message to be sent to the pizza shop, where staff will be ready and waiting to jump into action.

The VIP (Very Important Pizza) fridge magnet has been designed by the Red Tomato Pizza restaurant in Dubai, which offers Italian-style wood-fired pizzas.

A spokesman for the restaurant said: "At Red Tomato, our loyal pizza patrons are important to us. And Very Important Pizza lovers like these deserve very special treatment.

"So next time you're hungry, just push the button and we'll bring your Red Tomato favourite direct to your door, lickety-split."

Although the fridge magnet device is only available at the Red Tomato restaurant currently, other companies are expected to follow up with their own creations.

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