Family escapes house fire

Post by Jeff Stevens on 28th March 2012 in

Family escapes house fire

A family from Portsmouth have been forced to flee their home after their dishwasher caught fire, having been alerted to the blaze by a smoke alarm. 

According to the Portsmouth News, fire crews from nearby Cosham attended the property in the Paulsgrove area in the early hours of this morning. Two children, their mother and a family friend had already escaped from the house by the time firefighters arrived. 

It took the fire crews around ten minutes to extinguish the blaze, which caused substantial damage to the kitchen. A 13-year-old boy heard the smoke alarm and alerted the rest of the occupants, allowing them to make their escape. 

“The occupants had already been alerted thanks to a young lad, who heard the smoke alarm going off,” said Cosham fire station watch manager Kevin Lloyd Spencer. “We found a severe fire in the kitchen, which was dealt with quickly, but if they didn’t have a smoke detector it could have been a different story.” 

Earlier this week, the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald reported that local firefighters were to provide residents with tips on how to reduce the risk of electrical fires in the home.

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