Sardines and black pudding pushed out of Brits' fridges

Post by George Dixon on 28th March 2012 in

Sardines and black pudding pushed out of Brits' fridges

Foods such as sardines, kidney, dripping and black pudding, which were once the staples of British fridges, are now nowhere to be seen.

That's according to the results of a survey by Welsh cheese producer Cathedral City, which has claimed that our food tastes have become considerably more eclectic over the past 20 years. Today, a family fridge is more likely to contain items including Greek olives, Italian parmesan or Indian curry paste.

The study also found that skimmed milk, pitta bread, peppers and pro-biotic yogurts are now all the rage.

Cathedral City marketing manager Jackie Wilson said: "It's amazing to see how people's tastes have changed over the years.

"Gone are the days when our fridges contained basic and easy to cook foods. Instead they have been replaced with healthy, organic alternatives, and the odd ready-meal."

For a significant number of people, the way food tastes has become more important than how much it costs. One in five people in Wales said they purchased items they believed would taste the best, irrespective of price.

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