Surge in demand for bigger TVs

Post by Kevin on 18th August 2011 in

Surge in demand for bigger TVs
Figures released by retailer Best Buy show that demand for large televisions is nearly twice what it was last year, while the size of the average British television set has increased to just under 36 inches. 
Sales of large television screens were particularly high during spring and summer, the data revealed; and demand for screens between 40 and 47 inches has increased by 93 per cent since 2010. 
"Over the last five years, the desire to have the biggest screen on the street seemed to diminish and the average TV size levelled off at around 32 inches," said Rob Wilkins, head of home theatre and entertainment at Best Buy UK.
"However, the advent of 3D and internet-ready smart TVs has got people pulling out their tape measures again and opting for extra large 42-inch models and above."
"Sales this year show our customers are responding and the screen size braggers are back," he added.

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