Cooker manufacturer backs ‘Made in Britain’ label

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Cooker manufacturer backs ‘Made in Britain’ label

UK-based cooker manufacturer Stoves has called on consumers to support their own and buy British goods.

The company, which makes a variety of ovens, hobs, freestanding cookers and ranges at its Merseyside factory, commissioned a survey to discover the attitude of Brits when it comes to buying locally.

Stoves said two-thirds of the 1,000 people it spoke to would like to see a special seal for goods manufactured in the UK. Almost half of those surveyed admitted they were confused about which brands are actually still made in Britain.

According to Stoves’ survey, 40 per cent of people believe HP Sauce is made in the UK, when in fact production has switched to the Netherlands. Almost one-third think Dyson vacuum cleaners are made in Blighty, when in reality they are produced in Malaysia.

Denver Hewlett, chief executive of Stoves, said: "The confusion lies in identifying what products are manufactured in the UK. A standard industry marque would certainly help the public in their purchasing decisions."

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