Freezers could help cut UK food waste

Post by Tom on 21st April 2011 in

Freezers could help cut UK food waste

It is estimated that people in Britain throw away more than 8 million tonnes of food every single year.

Despite the fact that this is simply wasteful, the bad habit is also costing the average family with children around £680 a year. Fresh fruit and vegetables account for around 40 per cent of what gets thrown away.

People often have good intentions to eat healthily when doing their weekly supermarket shop, but in reality, hectic schedules can put paid to fancy recipe ideas, meaning food goes unused.

But according to a report by the Guardian newspaper, there is a solution – freezing. The paper said it is far better to be realistic when it comes to weekly food shopping, and simply top up as necessary with frozen vegetables.

For families looking to save even more cash it makes sense to purchase discounted items from the shops which are close to their sell by date and then store them in the freezer. As long as they are stored correctly, defrosted fully and eaten straight away, they will be fine.

Anyone who maintains a healthy stock of food in their freezer wants to be sure that the device is running correctly and is not in danger of breaking down, as this could be a costly problem.

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