New fridge tells its owner what they’re having for tea

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New fridge tells its owner what they’re having for tea

A new smart fridge developed by South Korea’s LG Electronics will soon be helping people decide what to eat.

The domestic appliance, which is due to be released before the end of the year, has a range of features, all apparently designed to take the relationship between fridge and owner to the next level.

The fridge comes with various energy-saving modes to help people reduce the size of their household bills, but the main draw for many is likely to be the appliance’s ability to manage what is inside.

LG’s food management system lets people know what’s in their fridge, where it is, and its suggested best-before date. The appliance is capable of using that information to suggest suitable recipes.

Information stored in the fridge can also be remotely accessed through a smartphone or tablet computer, so people will know what food is already at home when they’re out shopping. It even knows when it’s in need of repairs and can help identify the problem.

Young-ha Lee, president and chief executive of LG Home Appliance Company, believes the whole sector is about to undergo a change.

He said: "The home appliance industry will, in the very near future, shift from being mere white goods to high-tech appliances with a range of intelligent functions. With the commercial launch of our smart fridge, we are taking the lead in this transformation."

The new smart fridge will be made available in South Korea and North America towards the end of this year. 

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