Electrolux set to launch smart oven

Post by Kevin Jackson on 17th March 2016 in Technology

Electrolux set to launch smart oven
Swedish electronics giant Electrolux is preparing to launch a new smart oven later this summer.
The Financial Times reports that the manufacturing firm's new device features a camera inside the oven itself, allowing users to monitor their meals while they're cooking via a mobile app. 
Another app will instruct users how to prepare each part of a menu for a dinner party, maintaining the oven at the right temperature.
According to the FT, Electrolux is hopeful that expanding its presence in the fledgling smart appliances market will go some way to compensating for the company's failed takeover of General Electric's appliances division.
The GE Appliances takeover was held up by US regulators, citing anti-trust concerns, before Electrolux eventually pulled out. The division was subsequently bought up by Chinese firm Haier Group.

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