Resident saved by carbon monoxide alarm

Post by Jeff Stevens on 11th March 2016 in Appliance safety

Resident saved by carbon monoxide alarm
A Peterborough resident this week managed to escape a leak of carbon monoxide after being alerted by an alarm.
According to the Peterborough Telegraph, fire crews attended a home in the town on Thursday. They were called to the property by its resident, a woman, who managed to escape after being alerted to the presence of carbon monoxide.
"Luckily this resident heard the alarm go off and eventually called the fire service and left the property," said watch commander John Chelton. "We later found out the alarm had gone off a number of other times since the homeowners fitted the multi-fuel burner at the end of the last year."
The woman complained of feeling unwell and was treated by paramedics at the scene. It was subsequently determined that a badly-fitted multi-fuel burner had been the cause of the leak. 
Firefighters then ventilated the property before returning to their stations.

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