Skype ditches smart TV support

Post by Kevin Jackson on 9th March 2016 in Technology

Skype ditches smart TV support
Chat app service Skype has announced that it will end its support for smart TV software this summer.
The firm - owned by Microsoft - said it would continue to maintain its smart TV service until June, and after that intends to shift its focus towards the mobile and tablet platforms. However, smart TV manufacturers will have the option to include an unsupported Skype service.
"Over the years, users have changed the way they use Skype, with the majority accessing it from a mobile device - including when in the living room," Skype said in a message posted on its support page.
"We want to make sure we prioritise delivering the best possible experience to the platforms our users are asking for, which is why we've decided to focus our efforts in other areas," it added.
Samsung has already confirmed that its TVs will no longer offer the service from June 2nd.

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