Plymouth builder 'put family at risk'

Post by Jeff Stevens on 27th January 2016 in Appliance safety

Plymouth builder 'put family at risk'
A court has heard that a builder from Plymouth put a family of four in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning through the inadequate installation of a gas flue.
According to the Plymouth Herald, Plymouth Crown Court heard this week that 57-year-old Richard Copp enclosed the home's existing external gas flue in the new extension he'd built. However, he failed to seal the pipework properly, thereby risking a leak.
Mr Copp was also not Gas Safe registered at the time he carried out the work, and was therefore not authorised to do it.
Judge Ian Lawrie adjourned sentencing until today, but told Mr Copp that he had shown "scant regard for safety" when carrying out the work and advised him to expect a prison sentence, likely to be suspended.
Mr Copp carried out the work at a house in Woolwell between June and November 2013.

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