Smart TVs 'at risk from malware'

Post by Kevin Jackson on 19th January 2016 in Technology

Smart TVs 'at risk from malware'
Researchers have discovered that smart TV sets could be vulnerable to the same malware and ransomware as normal PCs.
A team at Kaspersky Lab followed up a post by a user on web forum Reddit, which claimed that an LG Smart TV had acquired a virus via its built-in browser software. The Kaspersky team found that although the malware was not specifically targeted at smart TVs, it could affect any device with a web browser.
"If your TV runs Android, a malicious app designed for an Android smartphone might even work on your TV," said Kaspersky researcher Dick Kollberg in a blog post. "In a nutshell, this case isn't malware specifically targeting Smart TVs, but be aware that such websites, as with phishing generally, work on any OS platform you're using."
Another study from security research firm Trend Micro found that many Android-based smart TVs could also be at risk, as they're still running on older versions of the operating system prior to the Lollipop 5.0 update.

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