Dyson to be sued over testing claims

Post by Jeff Stevens on 29th October 2015 in Energy saving

Dyson to be sued over testing claims
Claims by Sir James Dyson that two rival vacuum-cleaner brands had provided misleading energy-efficiency test results are at the centre of a mounting legal row.
German firm BSH Hausgerate, which owns Bosch and Siemens, announced this week that it was preparing to take legal action against Dyson over the claims made recently by its founder. However, Dyson says its lawyers are as yet unaware of any such action.
"We have long been aware that James Dyson has a history of taking a very aggressive approach against his competitors and has a desire to be in the public eye," said BSH chief executive Karsten Ottenburg.
"With his completely unfounded accusations of cheating in the past week he has now overstepped the mark," he added.
Sir James had intimated that Bosch and Siemens vacuum cleaners were built using electronics that allowed them to consume more power in home use than in testing. He said independent tests had shown that Bosch and Siemens devices used more than twice the power claimed.

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