Smart TVs big in Europe, study finds

Post by Tom Williams on 27th October 2015 in Technology

Smart TVs big in Europe, study finds
A new study has indicated that smart TVs are becoming a regular fixture in households across Europe.
According to research carried out by Parks Associates, 45 per cent of European households with broadband internet also have a smart TV. The study also found that smart TVs were most popular in Germany, where 50 per cent of broadband-connected households had one.
The market analyst company is set to discuss its findings at the forthcoming Connections Europe trade event, which is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam on November 10-11.
"Europe has served as an early market for new online video services," said Parks Associates director of research Brett Sappington. "As the wave of [over-the-top] video breaks across European markets, new opportunities for partnerships are opening up among OTT services, CE manufacturers, and pay-TV providers."

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