Tests call appliance energy ratings into question

Post by Kevin Jackson on 23rd October 2015 in Energy saving

Tests call appliance energy ratings into question
UK consumers have been warned that their household electrical appliances may be using far more energy than their manufacturers claim.
With the automotive industry rocked by revelations that Volkswagen systematically duped carbon emissions testers, new tests have revealed that TVs, dishwashers, washing machines and other electrical goods all consume more power than their energy rating indicates.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Energy Saving Trust certification manager Stewart Muir said: "These energy consuming products and appliances cost money to run and ultimately we want to make sure the customer isn’t left out of pocket."
"But we have found that a number of products sold in the UK do not match their energy efficiency claims," he added.
However, Huw Jones - assistant director of the National Measurement and Regulation Office, which carried out the tests - said there was "no evidence" that the devices had been deliberately fitted with performance-altering devices by their manufacturers.

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