Researchers unveil '9D' TV project

Post by Kevin Jackson on 29th April 2015 in Technology

Researchers unveil '9D' TV project
A team of researchers based at the University of Sussex has revealed that it's working on a new television that immerses viewers in a veritable smorgasbord of sensation.
The device - developed in conjunction with electronics firm Ultrahaptics - has been dubbed the world's first nine-dimension television; not only combine vision, sound, smell and touch but also sweet, salty, bitter, umami and sour.
"Relatively soon, we may be able to realise truly compelling and multi-faceted media experiences, such as nine-dimensional TV, or computer games that evoke emotions through taste," said the team's leader, Dr Marianna Obrist.
"Longer term, we will be exploring how multi-sensory experiences can benefit people with sensory impairments," she added.
Dr Obrist also hinted that the technology could be used in future to transmit emotions via portable devices such as smartphones.

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