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Here are the list of our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, you can choose which ‘Category’ of questions your interested in by selecting a category on the right.

  • Are you a member of a trade association or guild?
    • Yes we are members of DASA — the Domestic Appliance Service Association

  • Are you insured?
    • Yes, we carry £5m of public liability insurance.

  • Do you do work for commercial customers, such as landlords?
    • Yes we currently provide repair services to a host of commercial company’s including, Retailers, Insurance Companies, Manufacturers, Landlords etc. Please contact our head office if you are looking for a credit account.

  • Do you have CORGI/Gas Safe registered engineers?
    • Yes all of our engineers who work on gas appliances are Corgi/Gas Safe qualified

  • How do you know that your franchisees are reliable?
    • Unlike many firms in the appliance industry, all our franchisees work for us direct. Of the numerous applications that we receive, we only interview about a third of applicants, and offer franchises to about a third of people we interview. In other words we reject over 90% of applicants, and only take those who are: skilled in the sort of work we take on; who are polite and well presented; who are friendly and understand the importance of customer service.

  • How long have you been established?
    • We can trace our roots back to the 1990’s when the original Pacifica Group appliance Repair Company was established, 0800Repair is now the trading name for our repair business and currently undertakes over 100,000 repairs per year for domestic customers.

  • I cannot dial your 0800 number from my mobile?
    • If you are having trouble dialing the number from your mobile simply remove the leading 0 from the number, you would dial 800 R-E-P-A-I-R ... 800 7-3-7-2-4-7.

  • I cannot dial your number from abroad?
    • Our regular landline number is 0191 3870800.

  • What areas do you cover?
    • We cover the whole of the UK, currently our franchisees are in designated areas throughout the UK but don’t worry if we haven’t got an 0800Repair franchisee in your area then we will send out one of our approved subcontractors who has been vetted to provide you with an excellent level of service.

  • What happens to all the applicants who apply for a position with you but are rejected?
    • Good question. There are many who have applied for a position with us, but who have not met our demanding standards. They might be out there somewhere, beware!

  • Why are you called 0800Repair?
    • Our name spells out our phone number. Dial 0800, then begin spelling out “repair” using the letters on your telephone keypad and you will get through to us (0800 R-E-P-A-I-R ... 0800 7-3-7-2-4-7).

  • Why have I not heard of you before?
    • We don’t advertise much - a big proportion of our business comes through referrals from satisfied customers, and we like it that way. It means we can spend more time focusing on delivering great service, and less time on deciding where we should advertise. Please bear this in mind when you use us - the success of our business relies on word-of-mouth, so do pass on the word if you are happy with our service.

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