04 April 2011

Morphy Richards – CA75 Safety Iron c1948

We have our first vintage appliance! A few days ago we asked our Facebook followers to let us know what their oldest working appliance was and to send in photos of the enduring machine(s).

Morphy Richards Dry Iron

Christine Taylor’s brother is still using this 1948 Morphy Richards ‘dry iron’, it is actually the CA75 Safety Model for those of us who like to be pedantic about such things. However, it’s main claim to safety was a small torch bulb (usually painted green) that lit up in the rear part of the handle when the element was energised by the thermostat. You wouldn’t want to drop one of these on your foot, it is very heavy! in 1948 a family ironing session must have been equivalent to a modest gym work out. Christine says that her brother probably doesn’t use the iron much “judging by the state of his shirts”, but we at 0800 remain skeptical…

look at this beautiful burnished sole plate, polished by years of use to a mirror like finish. The Morphy Richards iron is, in fact, a well respected design classic which first appeared in 1936 and was dubbed the ‘Atlantic’ in homage to its American styling. It has a chrome sole plate, the handle is made of tough phenolic resin and the top part of the body is vitreous enameled steel, the enamel finish was available in a choice pastel colours including pale blue, primrose, pale green and creme. There is no doubt that such appliances are no longer made like they used to be!

Once again, many thanks to Christine for the photos.

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