11 January 2011

Gerry Anderson Stamps

We are definitely ‘loving’ these!

The new collection of Royal Mail stamps commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the unmistakable Gerry Anderson ‘supermarionation’ puppet shows such as Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. We have something of a vested interest in these, not least because of our  similarly themed TV advertising campaign. The stamps are produced in a lenticular form which produces a sense of movement or three dimensional space when they are tilted in the light. This is a very rare finish for Royal Mail stamps, it may even be unprecedented. Many of us who fondly remember the Gerry Anderson shows will also be familiar with lenticular printing and novelty items — they were something like the equivalent of an iPod for the 60s generation.

I can’t confess to be a stamp collector myself but I wouldn’t mind keeping a few of these, in fact I think they are almost too nice to stick on envelopes.

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