16 February 2011

Franchisee – Donates Washing Machine to Heroes Charity.

For Clive, from Conisbrough, who runs 0800 Repair in the Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield area, is donating the machine to a local auction in aid of the military charity Help the Heroes.

The machine will be up for grabs this Saturday at Clive’s local, the Station pub in Conisbrough, and Clive is hoping his appliance engineer who is also his brother-in-law, Stephen Wilsher, will be the man wielding the auction gavel.

“Help for Heroes is a really worthwhile charity, so it’s something I’m glad to support,” said Clive.

0800 Repair provide repair services in the area for all kinds of domestic appliances – including washing machines, fridges, cookers and tumbles driers – and are a familiar sight thanks to their eye-catching black and yellow vans with a 7ft screwdriver on top.

The Station pub raises a lot of money for charity, and this auction is being organised by Joanne Richards whose cousins are in the military and have just got back from Iraq.

“I’m hoping that Stephen goes from engineer to auctioneer, and that our washing machine and the other donations make plenty of money on the day for the charity,” said Clive.


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