26 November 2010

Energy Pricing Concerns

Recent media reports have cited an ongoing investigation on the part of Ofgem into apparent irregularities in the pricing and profiteering strategies of a number of major UK energy companies.

A report in the Telegraph today announced that Ofgem is to subject the retail energy market to a “comprehensive review after it discovered profit margins had spiked.”

Telegraph report on Ofgem investigation.

Again this also highlights the importance of good home economy measures and efficiency in terms  of energy use on the part of consumers.  This is always good policy but in the current economic circumstances it is even more pertinent.  Remember that a correctly functioning and fully serviced gas boiler is not only safer but more efficient too.  You can never have too much insulation in your home and some areas of UK building practice are now considering the implementation of Scandinavian building regs on levels of insulation in a bid to make new homes super energy efficient.

We will be happy to help and advise anyone that may have concerns about the effectiveness or functionality of their boiler and heating system.

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