04 January 2011

Earthquake Heralds 2011 in North Yorkshire

For many of us the first working week of 2011 begins today.

The NorthWest wakes up to another dusting of snow, a partial solar eclipse was visible across much of the UK this morning and a small earth tremor shakes North Yorkshire; Other than that, it is business as normal.
Earth tremors a very common in the UK and rarely cause much damage but it is important to be aware of the possibility of damage to gas pipework even in the most minor quake. After such an event you need to be extra vigilant for any smell of gas, familiarise yourself with the location of gas pipework and of course you gas meter and check these areas as soon as you can. In case of any leaks follow all of the normal procedures, open windows, do not operate any electrical equipment this includes turning off lights,  don’t smoke and call the gas emergency number for your area.

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