05 January 2011

Thunderbirds Commemorated in New set of UK Postage Stamps

We thought this was quite interesting not only because we launched an advertising campaign in 2010 with a Thunderbirds theme rendered in CGI and emulating the look of Gerry Anderson’s distinctive ‘supermariantion’ puppetry, but also because many of us are in the age group that will fondly remember this era of children’s TV and film.

There will be eight stamps featuring images and characters from the famous Gerry Anderson shows including Joe 90, Stingray and Super Car in addition to Thunderbirds. 2011 sees the 50th anniversary of these shows and the stamps ostensibly commemorate that, but also constitute part of an ongoing initiative to celebrate all that could be defined as the “best of British”.

Here is another reminder of our own TV commercials with the Thunderbird’s thematic. The idea of International Rescue is transposed to domestic appliance repairs (rescues).

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