15 October 2010

0800 Repair — Washing Machine Fun

First of the new Thunderbirds themed 0800 Repair TV commercials

Meet Tom, our virtual washing machine specialist. Tom is a typical 0800 Repair guy, very committed to his job and clients with a very high level of expertise and skill in his specialist field. Tom is one of our Laundry (washing machines / dryer) engineers and here we see him coming to the aid of a young lady battling with a rogue front loader! Fortunately, most of Tom’s days at 0800 Repair are not quite as traumatic as this and he doesn’t often have to fend off dancing foaming at the mouth washing machines.

Tom of course saved the day for our client in typically efficient style before apparently heading off to … er … Mars … there was a bit of mistake there and one day we may be offering prizes to anyone that can spot it

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