01 May 2012

Appliance shop steps in to help hospital

Patients at Chester Le St Hospital will benefit from brand new TVs - thanks to the support of a local appliance store. For when the Treasurer of the Friends of the Hospital, Fred Richards, popped into the local 0800 Repair Appliance Centre to order new TVs, the shop manager Kevin Gray decided it was such a good cause - that he would donate two of the TVs free of charge.

Patients at Chester Le St Hospital will benefit from brand new TVs

The Friends of Chester le St Hospital were looking to replace the old analogue TVs for Ward 1, the in-patient rehabilitation unit, in preparation for the digital switch over in September.

Heather Walls, Ward Manager said: “Ward 1 is a 23 bedded ward which helps to rehabilitate people back into the community following a major operation or illness.  Our aim is to help people get back on their feet and give them confidence to enjoy a full life.

“TVs are an important part of this rehabilitation process.  When patients are confined to hospital cubicles, it can be very isolating.  We know that watching TV promotes interaction and stimulates discussion between patients, especially the elderly which is why we needed to ensure we had new TVs in time for the digital switch over – for the benefit of all our patients.

Kevin Gray, 0800 Repair shop manager said: “When Fred approached us about supplying the TVs for Ward 1 and explained how beneficial the TVs are to the patients, I was really keen to help. 

“So as a goodwill gesture, I decided to donate two free TVs and made a substantial discount on the rest of the order.   As a locally based company based in Chester le St, we are committed to supporting our local community – we have helped a number of schools and charities and we were delighted to support our local hospital”.


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