28 February 2011


We’re all used to seeing the brochures recommend certain sorts of kitchen for certain design choices, but according to experts asked by The Independent, kitchens can be segregated into lifestyle types.

They call their three:

“The vivacious party animal” – needs a U-shaped kitchen with an island in the middle and open ended for social gathering. In which case, you might prefer a big L-shaped layout with a range-style cooker, large fridge and freezer, and a large farmhouse table.

“The weekday bolt-hole”  – needs galley-style layout with plenty of wall storage cabinets because most of the below surface cupboards are filled with appliances and gadgets.

The “pony club set” – loves a free-standing pantry offset to a wrap-around kitchen with peninsula.

Now, that’s all very well, but where does it leave the rest of us? We’d like to make the following suggestions for more kitchen personalities:

“The Outdoorsman” – a kitchen with wipe-clean everything. Huge sink and drainer for bathing dogs, potting plants and rinsing wellies. Maybe a wetroom would be a better idea…

“The Katrina” – a tough kitchen designed to resist the onslaught of the human whirlwind that destroys everything before them, every time they cook. Best for high-stress Nigella-wannabes who risk an aneurysm every time they try out a new dish or host a dinner party.

“The Eternal Student” – Compact and bijou – just a microwave on a shelf actually. A microwave, on a shelf, in a broom closet. Oh, and maybe a kettle for his Pot Noodles.

“The Weekend Warrior” – Long galley kitchen with bump guards and a mattress at the bottom end – perfect for the hungry, ‘one-too-many’ cook who staggers home at 3 in the morning, full pelt into the kitchen, rapidly-cooling kebab in hand… then forgets how to stop…

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