15 March 2011

Washing Machine Woes? Check your Pockets!

We all know that we should check pockets before doing a load of washing, just so we don’t inadvertently boil-wash a £20 note, but a careless check could end up costing you plenty more!

A sure sign that you have something metallic trapped in your washer is rust spots on clothes. First, check the rubber door seal – it can be a trap for screws, paperclips, washers, bolts, broken zips, jean rivets and so on. For most machine models, the seal section that attaches to the front case and the section attached to the outer drum need to be levered apart to check for rusty debris.

If you don’t find any hidden treasures, it may be that there is debris in the pump filter cover. This can be a more difficult task, and you might want to call in an engineer if you aren’t confident. Most pump filters and covers unscrew from the front, and should be periodically inspected and cleaned. BE AWARE: You will need to drain the sump first – check your specific machine instructions on the method suited to your model.

Failing that, you may have the misfortune of some rusty debris finding its way to the bottom of the outer drum, which will then occasionally agitate rust particles up into the wash. A descaler may help, but you will likely have to remove the rubber sump pipe to reach any remaining bits. Otherwise, it’s a major strip-down job, removing the inner drum, and cleaning the outer drum.

So, check your pockets for those errant screws DIY enthusiasts, because if they get lost in your machine, you may really be well and truly… well, you know.

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