08 December 2010

Washing Machine safety – Watch your Wash

Continuing the safety theme this morning with a timely item on washing machines.

I think most of us realise that we need to check our pockets before starting a load of washing, but it’s worth giving a minute’s thought to what is going in to your washing machine… and not just because we don’t want a freshly washed tenner!

Laces, cords, loose buttons and can all become caught, or come off and get trapped in the machine, causing all sorts of mischief. A quick once-over of your wash, securing fastenings and turning some clothes inside out can save you from all manner of mishaps.

Washing means water, of course… and water and electricity don’t generally get along well when mixed! Should you have a leak or burst hose, unplug your machines immediately, then turn off the water at the stopcock (if you don’t know where it is located, find out ASAP) and ring a competent repairer… I think you know which one I’d recommend!

If your washer is a few years old, your water supply hoses may be made of rubber, which can easily crack and fray. If you see any signs of wear, they should be replaced to stop the risk of bursts.

If you know you are going away from home for any significant length of time, especially at this time of year, the water supply should be turned off. A burst could pump hundreds of gallons of water into your home each day!

And, though it goes almost without saying, mop up spills from around your washer immediately – water is slippery enough, but with the possible addition of spilt washing liquid and conditioners, the area can become a potential danger zone.

Of course, 0800 Repair’s engineers are always here at the end of the phone if you have any concerns about your appliances – 0800 737 247. Alternatively, chat with us online at  www.0800repair.com

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