17 November 2010

Washing Machine Odours — Tip of The Day

This is becoming a more common problem now due to the wider use of non-biological detergents (some liquid detergents) and lower washing temperatures.

The stale smell from the machine is caused by a build up of mold in the base of the drum or the sump, soap tray, internal pipe work or ducting and the door seal. Low temperature washes with some detergents will result in a residue forming in these areas and the residue is particularly susceptible to mold in the damp and warm conditions.

This problem can often result in clothes having a stale smell which persists after drying.

  • If the mold build up is particularly advanced it may be advisable to do a hot service wash with an anti mold or soap sludge removing product such as strong bleach.
  • Manually clean the soap tray which should be easy to remove.
  • Clean around the door seal.
  • Try not to use any kind of detergent on delicate low temp washes but experiment with eco wash balls instead.
  • Use powders rather than liquid detergents where possible, powders that produce minimal suds are best as the frothing will act to trap moisture in the machine after the pump has emptied most of the liquid.
  • Keep the door and soap tray open when the machine is not in use and never leave a load to stand in the machine for more than an hour after completion of the wash.

If the problem is particularly severe then it may be wise to have a specialist dissemble and clean the machine. Then follow the regime above.

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