08 December 2010

Top Ten Washing Machines :)

The Chris Evans Breakfast show — top ten washing machines — err washing machine related stories. An amusing little item that some of you may like to recount from this mornings breakfast show on BBC Radio 2.

10. Rob once managed 3 revolutions in a tumble dryer at university the dryer was connected to a washing machine — ok ?

9. Johnathon, Was in a play that required him to have a fight with a washing machine, it wasn’t a real one though!

8.Angela, who has not had a washing machine for a year, instead her mum has done all of her washing.  Yesterday my new washing machine arrived — I’ve told my mum that it doesn’t work.

7) Martin has just delivered 980 brand new washing machines, to Harlow.

6. Ann, My auntie has a washing machine but uses it only to spin her hand washing.

5. Pam and Janet, washing machine broke over a week ago, we order a replacement but the  snow is causing a delay we are wearing our underwear, we have worn it back to front, upside down and inside out —ewww

4. Brenda, the man who services my washing machine has a daughter who lives in sidney, my son lives in Sidney and I am going to visit him this Christmas.

3. June, A while back my mums teeth were missing, eventually they came to light when we heard a loud clunking sound in the washing machine!

2.  Jan, My ex and myself sat in a pub and spoke to a man who painted washing machines. He was the most boring bloke in the world!

1. And finally, Sally from Brighton Last night I listened to a few songs from the album “Washing Machine” by Sonic Youth

Some powerful humour there for Wednesday morning — indeed.

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