24 January 2011

Top Ten Appliance Tips Part Two

Here’s Part Two of our Top Tip rundown on saving energy, resources and money:

Don’t be full of hot air
Air-dry your laundry and dishes whenever you can. Your clothes don’t always NEED to be machine dried, while in dishwashers, the air-dry setting  consumes half the electricity a heat dry program does.

Get Shower power
A full bathtub uses around seven times the amount of water a five-minute shower does, so get spraying instead of soaking. For even smarter saving, put a little timer or clock near your shower so you can keep an eye on your time.

You could also try this cute little gadget – the Water Pebble. It lives in your shower and acts like a water usage ‘traffic light’ – see it here:  http://www.waterpebble.com/

Slow the Flow
Save even more water and money on your water bill by installing a super-efficient showerhead with a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM). A FREE alternative is the Eaga Shower Smart – no catch here, it’s a Government-sponsored scheme:  www.freeshowerwatersaver.co.uk/

Get Flushed with Successful Saving
Many local authorities offer free devices to cut the amount of water used when you flush the toilet – there’s a list of free schemes here:  www.reducereuserecycle.co.uk/greenfreebies/free_water_saving_devices.php

Knock it Off!
If you’re using just one part of the kitchen and you have separate light switching, turn off the ones you’re not using. And while we’re on the subject, do the kitchen lights really need to be on when you’re not in there? What about the heater? – if you’re using the oven, you probably don’t need the additional warmth.

You can get hold of energy meters that actually tell you how much electricity you are using, and where you’re using it, but beware, there’s a catch – most of them cost a packet themselves! Here’s one of the best, and most stylish – the Wattson:  www.diykyoto.com/uk

However, some energy providers, such as Eon, Npower and British Gas have free monitors squirreled away for customers – check with your supplier and see if you can nab a freebie!

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