01 February 2011

The Top Ten Appliance Songs

Why are there so many, songs about… appliances? – Introducing the Appliance Top Ten!

Now, you might say this borders on appliance obsession, but we were thinking about just many songs there are that mention household appliances – not anywhere near as many as mention love granted – but certainly enough to suggest our everyday home gadgets have a place in our hearts.

So, may we proudly present the 0800 Repair Appliance Top Ten. Some are a bit of a stretch, but you’ll forgive us, won’t you?

10 – ‘Vacuum Cleaner Song’ by Future Idiots
Yes, this IS a whole pop song about vacuum cleaners! Visit the youtube page for the song to see fans speculate on what particular vacuum cleaner is used on the tune – and you think we’re strange…

9 – ‘Cold Ethyl’ by Alice Cooper
Umm, we weren’t sure whether to add this one, from the classic ‘Welcome to my Nightmare’ album, as it’s a song about someone’s… affection… for a frozen corpse, but how can you resist Alice’s rhyming couplet ‘If I live ’til ninety seven, you’ll still be waiting in refrigerator heaven’ ? Ethyl, Ethyl come and freeze me with your charms indeed…


8 – ‘Boiler (Me Boiler ‘N’ Me)’ by Hanoi Rocks
Yes, yes, yes, we know, it’s not about boilers per se, rather the singer’s girl friend – what a charmer Razzle was! It’s a rollicking number from the Finnish gods of glam rock, who’s usual singer Mike Munroe was once voted ‘Most Beautiful Man in the World’ by Japanese audiences!


7 – ‘My Cat Is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner’ by Power Salad

Simply a very funny song by a group from Akron Ohio, who have released five CDs of songs in a similarly wacky fashion. This particular number was voted he #1 song of 2008 on the nationally-syndicated “Dr. Demento” US radio show.


6 – ‘Mrs Bartolozzi’ by Kate Bush
Now, you have to hear this one to appreciate its sad, lovely musicality, but the lyric goes:
‘Washing machine, washing machine
Slooshy sloshy slooshy sloshy
Get that dirty shirty clean
Slooshy sloshy slooshy sloshy
Make those cuffs and collars gleam
Everything clean and shiny…’
– gotta love Kate!


5 – ‘Fresh Out the Oven’ by Jennifer Lopez
American R&B recording artist and actress J-Lo sings a tribute to her split-level cooker…. or maybe not.


4 – ‘Danger! (High Voltage)’ by Electric Six
Yes, a salient point by the Detroit rockers – NEVER muck about with faulty electrical appliances! Of course that’s what the song is about – would we lie to you?


3 – ‘Waxahachie Boogie Woogie Dishwasher Boy’ – Jim Boyd
Just what it says on the label – a goodtime boogie woogie song about a dishwasher, albeit a boy who’s doing the dishes! Sort of countrified rockabilly that Brian Setzer would love.


2 – ‘You Spin Me Round (like a Record’ by Dead or Alive
Like a record… or like a drier (c’mon, just go with it!), we all enjoy this one being given a spin cycle on the decks at clubs and pubs across the country – a proper floor-filler wherever its played! You could listen to the Flo-rida or the Alvin and the Chipmunks versions, but that would be just wrong…


1 – ‘Broken Household Appliance National Forest’ by Grandaddy
Grandaddy were a classic ‘almost made it’ band. They had songs on soundtracks, in TV ads, got significant airplay on indie radio, but never quite broke through – what a great title for a song though – it could have been written for us!

So that’s it – the definitive Top Ten of Appliance songs… or is it? Do you know a better song? Let us know – leave a comment!

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