25 January 2011

Surrealist IKEA Kitchen

Those inventive types at IKEA have gone all Salvador Dali with a sculpture created with their kitchen products, displayed at London’s Barbican Centre. The installation, entitled ‘Surrealistika’, combines the organic beauty of a silver birch tree with elements of an everyday kitchen.

The piece is intended to reflect a surreal vision of the future, when environmental concerns will be at the core of kitchen design.

‘Surrealistika’ was created for part of the Barbican Centre’s ‘Surreal House Exhibition’, which also included an IKEA- hosted debate on the future for kitchens.

Anna Crona, Marketing Director for IKEA UK & Ireland said: “Surrealistika’ was born out of our belief that without creative thinking, there would be no inspirational design. Creativity sits at the core of our approach to product design as everyday, we must challenge ourselves to come up with even better ideas that suit our production capabilities as well as our customers’ needs, tastes and budgets. and never at the expense of good quality, inspirational design and the environment.

We chose to depict a kitchen as not only a place where we spend nearly a month of our
time every year, it’s where we can make a big difference in terms of the impact our
lifestyles at home have on the environment.”

She continued: “Through ‘Surrealistika’ we want to encourage people to think about the sustainable way of life, especially when it comes to recycling their household waste and saving water and energy.”

You can see the making of just about the strangest kitchen we’ve ever seen at  http://www.designboom.com and see a video here  YouTube thank goodness they don’t want any appliance servicing done!

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