09 February 2011

Strange uses for a vacuum cleaner 2 – become a suction-powered Spider-Man!

We can reveal the identity of the real-life Spider-Man… and it’s not Peter Parker!

Cambridge schoolboy Hibiki Kono has turned fantasy into reality by using two £14.98 budget 1400-watt vacuum cleaners to scale walls like the friendly neighbourhood hero himself. 13-year-old Hibiki built his suction-powered wall-walking backpack and pads in his design technology lessons at Kings College School, part of Cambridge University.

It took life-long comic book and Spider-Man fan Hibiki five months to design and build his vacuum machine, after he saw a similar idea on BBC’s ‘Bang Goes The Theory’. He unveiled his wall-crawling equipment to amazed classmates during a school assembly.

Need we say, 0800 Repair does NOT advise you to butcher your vac and try to climb the nearest skyscraper – Hibuki did his experiment under closely controlled conditions – far better to stick to vacuuming your carpet instead.

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