25 March 2011

Sort Out a Slow Drying Cycle

We get a lot of calls from customers who are finding that their washer/dryer or standalone dryer is taking far longer to do it job than it used to, or even requiring to run two cycles just to achieve dry clothes!

Although it can be a technical problem causing the slow-down, more often it tends to be a simple matter of a clogged or damaged vent.

A restricted or torn vent can dramatically reduce dryer performance, but it’s very easy to fix. Take a close look through and along your exhaust flexible hose/ducting. If you find that is blocked by any matter, just remove the obstruction. If, on the other hand, the ducting is torn or kinked, it’s best to replace it. Minor tears can be solved for a while by using (what else) duct tape over the tear.

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