11 February 2011

Smart and Smarter — Machines

We have had something of a run on new appliance technologies and innovations of late, but here is one more interesting article on the future of the “domestic scene”.

The high technology revolution which we now take for granted in many walks of life is beginning to catch up with the more mundane appliances and machines in our lives. Fridges, freezers, boilers and even cookers are appearing with wifi integration and a great deal of ‘smart’ technology features. All of these developments are intended to  reduce the environmental impact of domestic appliances by implementing intelligent control of power consumption and generally making life easier (or at least more entertaining) for those of us who have to use them…

Then again, all of these new developments keep our engineers on the ball as constant learning is required to keep abreast of this rapid evolution in the, er — Kitchen – or anywhere really.

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