07 December 2010

Simple Home Appliance Safety

After our recent blog about the unfortunate youngster who got trapped in a washing machine many readers have contacted us for more on basic daily appliance safety, so here we go!

Over the next few days, we’ll look at the various quick checks you can make to keep both yourself and your appliances safe.

Happily, we can tell you right away that accidents due to actual product faults alone only account for around 0.4% -1.6% of home accidents. In terms of non-accident-related faults, most appliance problems can be traced back to a lack of servicing and maintenance. If your product is relatively new, then a good service schedule keeps the appliance working reliably for longer.

BTW, in regard to new appliances, it is ALWAYS worth keeping receipts and returning product registration cards to activate warranty protection.

If you do encounter any appliance headaches, you can call us at 0800 Repair on our free number 0800 737 247, or come and chat with us online at 0800 Repair www.0800repair.com

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