11 February 2011

Samsung’s new fridge lets you tweet as you eat

Networked appliances are being seen as the new ‘green’ tool by appliance manufacturers right now, but Samsung seems to have plans for you to be more social while you cook.

Samsung RF3289

At the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event held in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled the RF3289 fridge, claimed to be the first of its kind to feature integrated WiFi. The stainless steel bodied fridge has an 8-inch LCD touchscreen that lets you access social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but, also includes features like Google calendars, weather reports, recipe downloads and the ability to leave digital notes – is this the end of the magnet and Post-It?

No details on availability or pricing this side of the Atlantic, but net-savvy Canadian chefs will get the RF3289 in May. Meanwhile, take a look at the future-fridge on youtube:


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