27 January 2011

Refresh your household appliances in minutes with a new ‘skin’

Want a washer with wood paneling? A fridge disguised as a frog? How about a microwave that matches your curtains? No problem!

It’s easy to enhance and protect your laptop or iPod with a ‘skin’ – a designer sticker in not so many words – so why should household appliances be left out? An emerging trend for applying all-over decals on microwaves, washers, dryers and fridges is allowing householders to have a customised kitchen appliance makeover in minutes.

Some companies have a fixed amount of designs, while others will actually let you upload your own images, so a giant picture of say, your pet, is entirely possible. Make sure that wherever you get your decals from, they offer good quality materials that are heat and moisture resistant, preferably with U/V resistant inks – many offer  low-tac adhesive so they can be safely applied and reapplied over and over.

It’s worth remembering that these decals are usually generic and may not have cuts that exactly match your appliances, so trim carefully and avoid sealing up any service access panels you might need later.

There are plenty of companies springing up that do these decals; here are two that might inspire you:



So now you have it, a simple way to put a new spin on your washing machine!
Spin, geddit?
… hello?
… is anyone still out there?

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