13 December 2010

Pets and Household appliances – neither are just for Christmas!

As we are reminded every festive season, pets aren’t just for Christmas, and they don’t make good presents, unless you realise they take continuous care and are a lifelong commitment.

The other thing to remember is that if you want your pet – and your appliances – to last beyond Christmas, you need to pay attention around them both. At 0800 Repair, we don’t get too many calls due to pet damage, but it can and does occur.

Small animals have been known to get into open machines, and even under other appliances where they can be hurt, or do significant damage to the appliance that can make it dangerous. This is particularly worth remembering if your pet lives in the kitchen.

A bored dog can be destructive, while pet rodents, rabbits and ferrets love to chew cables, leading to serious and expensive electrical problems, so never let them loose and leave them unsupervised. Secure and tidy your loose appliance cables too, taking care to turn sockets off unless they are in use.

If any of your appliances show signs of animal damage, it’s best to get them checked by a qualified engineer. Ring one of our team on 0800 737 247 and we’ll do our best to help all your family – furry and not – to have a happy Christmas and beyond.

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