05 January 2011

New LG THINQ Technology – Washer problems? Just try talking to it!

Domestic appliances just got smarter — a lot smarter!

The diagram gives simple schematic overview of the THINQ concept Two examples of the interactive THINQ screens.

Electronics giant LG have released details of a new smartphone technology that will allow you to ‘talk’ to your household appliances via mobile devices like phones, pads and tablet PCs.

The ‘Thinq’ technology means you’ll be able to set them going remotely, monitor energy use, choose the most cost-effective settings and diagnose potential faults – your appliances will even be able to send you a message to tell you when you have forgotten to turn them on or close the door properly!

Perhaps in future, we won’t need to repair washers – just negotiate with them instead!

This new technology not only has the potential to revolutionise the way we use and interact with appliances but it will also have great advantages in terms of saving money on energy costs and of course that is also good for the environment. In the very near future there will be many other possibilities for the integration of THINQ technology with other services that will provide an intelligent link between appliance and electricity supply networks allowing for smart tariff flagged operation.

Click on the link here to read the full press release from LG LG THINQ Press Release

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